The C-Word – Season 5
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Lena Dunham, Alissa Bennett

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What really happens when we call a woman crazy?

From the minds of Lena Dunham and Alissa Bennett, The C-Word is an in-depth exploration of culture's most discussed women—their lives, legacies, and why society is so hell-bent on labeling them "crazy."

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The C-Word with Lena Dunham, Alissa Bennett
The C-Word with Lena Dunham, Alissa Bennett


Society called them crazy. But maybe they're iconic?

In this all-new season, Lena and Alissa peer into the complicated lives of a hip-hop revolutionary, one of Hollywood's most infamous it girls, Russian "royalty", and much more.

Lena Dunham is an Emmy Award-winning writer, director, producer and actor whose credits include the groundbreaking HBO Original, Girls along with feature films, Sharp Stick and Catherine Called Birdy.

Alissa Bennett is an essayist whose work probes the seedy underbelly of popular culture, cinema, and literature.

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With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in mind, we’re dedicating the fifth season of The C-Word to any person with a uterus who wants an abortion, but who is currently unable to access one without the generous support of groups like National Network Abortion Funds.

— Alissa Bennett

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